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Durham Region, ON


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November 2018

Fall Is Here!

There is nothing wrong with a one-time visit from your friendly neighborhood cleaning service, in between kids going back to school and Christmas staring it’s joyful, yuletide mug right around the corner. We’ve got your back! *winking emoji*


Now is the time to clean out the pantry! Take everything out and wipe out the shelves. Look at the food you have been storing. Are you really going to use that can of tuna, even though you don’t like fish? Are you going to actually use that bag of dried chickpeas, or was that dream of making homemade hummus just that, a dream?

Referral Program

Where would we be without the help from happy, loyal clients? Not as far as we are!

Not only do we offer 10% your first initial house cleaning, there’s more! When you refer us to a friend, once we clean for that friend, each of you save 10% on your cleans! It is our way of thanking you for your devotion to our cleaners and service