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Durham Region, ON


(416) 908-7210

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February 2018

Contest Winner!

Last month we hosted a 50% off contest on Facebook. The winner would receive 50% off an entire cleaning session!
Not only is that an amazing deal, it is a great opportunity for us to meet new people in Durham Region.
We are extremely happy to announce our winner on February 1st was Phoebe from Pickering! Congrats!
Be sure to look out for more contests in the future on our Facebook page.

Want More From Us?

You may be happy with our service, but did you know you could get more from us than just your general house cleaning?
Here is a list of extra services we offer and a rough estimate for how long each service takes.

  • Fridge cleaning – 1 hour
  • Oven Cleaning – 1 hour
  • Laundry (wash, dry/hang, fold/hang) – 1 hour/load
  • Garbage Collection – 15 mins
  • Inside Windows (Accessible windows) – 2 hours
  • Change Linens – 15 mins

Referral Program

Where would we be without the help from happy, loyal clients? Not as far as we are!

Not only do we offer 10% your first initial house cleaning, there’s more! When you refer us to a friend, once we clean for that friend, each of you save 10% on your cleans! It is our way of thanking you for your devotion to our cleaners and service


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