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Durham Region, ON


(416) 908-7210

Professional Cleaning Services

A Standard Visit Can Include:

  • Dusting: Remove dust, fingerprints, dirt and build up from: walls, baseboards, light fixtures and fans, windowsills, and furniture.
  • Vacuum Floors: Carpet, rugs, mats, hardwood and tile: vacuum in corners, under furniture and under rugs/mats.
  • Wash Floors: Wash all sealed floors with a bucket and mop.
  • Bedrooms: Dust, vacuum and wash floors.
  • Bathrooms: Dust, wash and polish all surfaces, vacuum and wash floors.
  • Kitchen: Wash and polish all surfaces, clean inside microwave, polish appliances, wash cupboard fronts and counters, vacuum and wash floors.
  • Garbage: Can be collected at every clean including recycling and compost. Upon client request.
  • Baseboards and Window Sills: Dusted and washed on an as needed basis.
  • Change Linens: Leave fresh linens on the bed, old linens will go where instructed.
  • Refrigerator Clean: Take everything out of the fridge one shelf at a time. Thoroughly wash shelves, drawers and inside fridge walls. Everything is placed back in the fridge in an organized-fashion. Extra service.

Simply Clean Home Services is focused on providing you with not just an excellent clean, but maintenance of this clean every visit. Our goal is to relieve you of hours of chores so you can spend your time and energy on more worthwhile, productive activities.

If your cleaning technician spots an issue with your home, whether it be leaks, rot, mold build up in a hidden area or an infestation, we will leave a note or notify you immediately. You have a right to know about anything that is going on in your home.

You now know you want a house cleaner. Now what? First, decide what you would like done in your home. Once you have an idea, you must decide on the schedule that works best for you and your family.

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What Cleaning Schedule Is Right For You?

Weekly Cleans

A busy family will absolutely benefit from a weekly clean. We will start with an initial clean, and the maintenance cleans will follow every week.

Bi-weekly Cleans

More targeted toward a working or older family. We will start with an initial clean and the maintenance cleans will follow every two weeks.

Monthly Clean

For someone who enjoys cleaning but has a hard time keeping up, a monthly clean will be perfect for you. We start with an initial clean, the following cleans will be maintenance cleans every month.

Office Clean

This service is for local businesses who need a little help keeping the office clean. This is a great way to relieve your employees from the burden of cleaning and spend more time on the job you hired them to do. We come before the office opens, after the office closes, or during working hours. Office cleans generally consist of dusting, collecting garbage, washing the lunch room and bathrooms, and vacuuming and washing floors.

One Time Clean

This is a very broad schedule, from individuals and families who are moving in, moving out, or prefer a seasonal cleaning (every 4-6 months). This clean is scheduled as a deep clean, every time. Click here to see a range of one-time clean offers.