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Durham Region, ON


(416) 908-7210

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January 2018

Simply Clean Home Services took a year-long break back in May 2017. Now, back in business and ready to take over the house cleaning in Durham Region, we are happy to announce we are accepting new clients!

What to Expect

When you decide to give us a call, you will be asked questions to provide a quote. These quotes are as accurate as possible and may vary depending on the house, but we do our best! We will send you a copy of the estimate we created to your email.

How to Find Us

Simply Clean Home Services has a website and Facebook Business page. In both platforms, you will find all the information you need to connect with
us! Our Facebook page is a great place to view any updates, offers and last minute openings due to cancellations. Our website will allow you to view a large abundance of information about the business, what to expect from our service and a few ways to contact us.


Are We Hiring?

Simply Clean is always on the hunt for a fellow cleaning enthusiast. If you take pride in your work, have excellent customer service skills and access to your own vehicle, this makes you a prime candidate! Positions currently offered are Part time, leading to Full-time.


When folding up your sheets, store all linens in their matching pillowcase. This keeps everything together and your linen closet will look so much tidier!