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Durham Region, ON


(416) 908-7210

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Basic Work Information

Do you have any prior maid or house cleaning experience?

If yes, please explain your cleaning background

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Qualifications for the Position

Do you have your own transportation? (Everyone drives their own car to every job)

Is your vehicle properly insured for the province of Ontario?

Do you have a valid drivers license?

Can you pass a criminal background check?

Are you looking to work full time or part time?

Are you able to perform the tasks associated with cleaning houses including, but not limited to: standing for 8 hours, walking up and down stairs, bending, kneeling and lifting 50 pounds?

About You

We ask the following questions to get to know you better. There are no wrong answers, just go with your gut feeling!

1. In a group of friends I would rather

2. I would rather

3. If you were planning a week long trip to Vancouver you would rather

4. After a conflict I would rather

5. After I clean my house I like to

6. On a day off I would rather

7. In a relationship I would rather

8. You are taking a friend to a restaurant you would rather

9. If you were to complete one of the following tasks, each taking 1 hour, which would you choose?

10. This is more important to me

11. With my money I would rather

12. For a job I would rather have

13. I am

14. Overall my mood is

15. I would rather

16. How did you hear about Simply Clean Home Services

By checking each box, I agree in submitting this application that all of the above information is

Factual, truthful, complete and accurate
This information is filled out by the person who is applying for this position
I understand that if there is any misinterpretation, omission or falsification of this document it will be grounds for immediate termination
I understand I am giving Simply Clean Home Services permission to contact my previous employers
I understand that, prior to or during employment, Simply Clean Home Services will conduct necessary background checks related to this position.

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