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Durham Region, ON


(416) 908-7210

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do In My Home?

When your cleaning technician enters your home for the first time, it is nice to get a quick tour. This way we know what rooms we are cleaning, and which rooms you would like left alone.

We start cleaning from top to bottom. Unless requested differently, we will begin upstairs where we start with dusting all rooms and washing all upstairs bathrooms. We then vacuum and wash the floors and then head to the main floor. Once on the main floor, we start with dusting, wash the kitchen, bathroom and finish with vacuuming and washing the floors. To get a detailed look at each task, visit the services page.


Who cleans my home?

You will be assigned a cleaning technician (or 2) to come into your home. If there is a change in technicians, you will be notified.

Why is the first clean so much longer than the ones that follow?

Your first clean, also known as the initial deep clean will be longer because there is generally more build up in your home before we arrive. The deep clean is the same as the maintenance clean, except we also wash: baseboards, window sills, doors, door frames and spot clean the walls. This way your whole house is spotless, and the cleans after that are just maintenance.


Do I need to do anything before my scheduled clean?

Absolutely. Letting your technician know about any allergies or sensitivities (whether it be food or products) would be very helpful. We do not use strong smelling products such as Pine Sol, as it is an irritant.

It would be greatly appreciated if any clutter was organized as best as possible. Clothes and toys should be picked up off the floor and dirty dishes be put away. This allows us to focus on the cleaning itself and not spend extra time trying to figure out where things go.

Also, as much as we love animals, if you have any aggressive pets, please put them in a separate area of the house (or outside if they can) for the duration of the clean.


Do I have to give you my key?

No. If you are not comfortable with giving Simply Clean Home Services a copy of your key, that is okay. However, keep the following in mind before you make your decision.

You can be home for the clean, that is not a problem. Just keep in mind that your cleaning technician will be everywhere in the home, and may have to “kick you out” of a room if they feel they cannot clean around you. The cleans can be loud and the vacuum may interrupt your work or television show!

You can leave your key with a neighbour, but if the neighbour forgets about the scheduled clean and is not home, we have no way of getting into your home. This could end up having us cancel your clean for the day and a cancellation fee would apply.

If Simply Clean Home Services obtains a copy of your key, it will not have your name or address on it at all. Instead, it is registered with a random number that can only be accessed through a password protected document. This way no one can associate any key with the client.

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